Join Our Study

Join Our Study

What are our research goals?

At the UM Udall PDRCE, we are searching for the causes of Parkinson disease by comparing genetic changes in individuals with Parkinson disease to individuals who do not have the disease. We are also investigating environmental exposures encountered by individuals with Parkinson disease since a combination of both environmental and genetic risk factors may cause the disease. These studies involve many different types of samples – blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain tissue – to give us the most complete picture of what happens in the body when Parkinson disease develops. Identification of Parkinson disease biomarkers, or measurable changes in the body that all patients with Parkinson disease might share, may lead to earlier detection of Parkinson disease and a better understanding of its causes.

How can you help?

Because Parkinson disease is such a complex disorder, we need the help of as many participants and as many types of samples as possible to comprehensively investigate the factors leading to Parkinson disease.

What does Participation Involve?

Participants are asked to agree to provide or to participate in the following:
• Review of medical records
• Interview to collect information on family history, health, and habits that may influence Parkinson disease
• Clinical examination
• A sample of your DNA for genetic studies
• A sample of your blood for development of a cell model of Parkinson disease
• Recontact by the research staff over time to update information about you
• Donation of brain tissue and brain autopsy following death

Study Participation Facts:

  • Participation is voluntary
  • There is no cost to participate
  • You will receive a small honorarium for your time
  • All information is confidential
  • Participation will not affect your healthcare

Do you get the study results?

Although we are unable to provide you individual results, we send yearly newsletters about our research progress to all participants. We hope that this research will help develop better diagnostics and treatments for Parkinson disease. Your participation will make this goal a reality.

Contact us!

For additional information on this study, please contact our study coordinator at:
PO BOX 019132 (M-860) | MIAMI, FL 33101