News and Events : 2017 : February

Presentations at the Pan American Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress

Our Udall researchers will present at the First Pan American Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress held in Miami, Florida on February 24-26, 2017. The aim of this congress is to facilitate communication between clinicians and researchers across different parts of Pan America, disseminate knowledge and promote research in movement disorders with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life and independence of movement disorders patients and their caregivers.

Dr. Jeffery Vance, MD, PhD, principal investigator of the Udall Center at the Miller School of Medicine, will take part in the first Plenary Session to kick off the conference, entitled “Parkinson’s Disease Across the Americas.” His session will focus on the discovery of Parkinson’s Disease risk genes that provide insight into the biological and environmental mechanisms that cause Parkinson’s Disease, as well as the state of genomics research in different subpopulations across the Pan American region.

Dr. Karen Nuytemans, PhD, Udall Assistant Scientist, will present a poster, “Assessing barriers/motivations for participating in Parkinson Disease genetic studies in Hispanic versus Non-Hispanics whites,” which showcases survey data from 162 individuals in an attempt to explain the underrepresentation of Hispanics in genetic research studies. The co-authors of the poster are Udall members and collaborators, Clara Manrique, Michael Cuccaro, William Scott, Corneliu Luca, Carlos Singer and Jeffery Vance.

Dr. Corneliu Luca, MD, PhD, neurologist at the University of Miami and Udall researcher, will also present “Lesions vs. Deep Brain Stimulation” as part of the Surgical Procedures in Movement Disorders Session. He is also the co-author on several abstracts being presented at the conference focused on surgical therapy in Parkinson’s Disease.

For conference information, please visit the conference website. For final program, please download the conference brochure.