News and Events : 2017 : February

Puerto Rico Hispanic Outreach Initiative

The Puerto Rico Hispanic Outreach Initiative, led by the Miami Udall Center’s Dr. Jeffery Vance in partnership with Dr. Angel Viñuela Cabezas de Herrera, a movement disorder specialist based in Puerto Rico, will focus on the genomic characterization of Parkinson’s Disease risk within the Puerto Rican and Hispanic community. Puerto Ricans, while representing the second largest Latino group in the continental US, are underrepresented in genetic studies of Parkinson’s Disease.

The team are collecting PD families with multiple affected members along with isolated cases to identify novel PD variation in Hispanics/Latinos and to generalize existing PD genetic discoveries. Our researchers have already made two successful trips to several cities in Puerto Rico to identify impacted patients and their families and collect samples for testing.

Including multiple racial-ethnic groups in PD genomics research is fundamental for delivering precision medicine in PD. Following these ascertainment efforts, Dr. Vinuela hopes to establish a network of clinics for PD patients to improve healthcare access and delivery across Puerto Rico.

Please stay tuned for updates!